February 5, 2016

The Use of Nitrogen in Different Industries


Metallurgical Industry

Nitrogen is used for inerting to prevent explosion as well as in stirring and preventing oxidation and purging in the smelting process. Not all these processes require high purity nitrogen (>99.999%) which can be achieved by cryogenic distillation and delivery. In many applications, lower purities are applicable and can be produced with onsite generators in a safer and more cost-effective way.

Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry nitrogen is mainly used for blanketing, purging, and packaging. It is also used in ammonia & urea production. For many applications, ultra-high purity nitrogen is not needed and therefore onsite nitrogen generators can produce nitrogen on demand.

Food & Beverage/ Medical Industry

Nitrogen is widely used in the food & beverage industries. Its main application is prolonging the shelf life by providing an oxygen-free environment which prevents bacterial growth. It is mainly used in food packaging and controlled atmosphere storage as well as purging and blanketing. Common purities needed for this industry is 98-99.5 % which can be produced by onsite nitrogen generators.

Nitrogen is used in the medical industry to provide pressures for medical devices (instrument air), in making gas mixtures, and inerting & blanketing. If purities higher than 99.999% is not required, (necessary for the process) onsite nitrogen generators can be used to produce nitrogen on demand in a cost-effective process.

Electronics Industry

 In the electronic Industry, nitrogen is used for the sealings, sintering, annealing, reduction, and storage of electrical equipment. Since Nitrogen is an inert gas, using Nitrogen in these processes prevents oxidation. Onsite nitrogen generators can produce an unlimited amount of nitrogen at the required flow and purity on demand without depending on a nitrogen supplier (95-99.999%).

Oil and Gas / Coal Industry

Nitrogen is widely used in Oil & Gas Industries. Since it is an inert gas, it can prevent corrosion and explosions. At high pressures, Nitrogen is used for enhanced oil recovery and at relatively low pressure is used for line purging and tank blanketing. It is also being used in unit laboratories and welding processes. Onsite nitrogen generators are the economical option for most oil and gas nitrogen needs which require 95-99.999% purity.

In the coal industry, nitrogen is either injected continuously into the mine to displace the oxygen in the mine or to extinguish fires. To extinguish a fire, the oxygen level of the gases should be less than LEL (lower limit of explosion). Having a reliable onsite nitrogen generator, nitrogen can be produced in a cost-effective process whenever is needed without concerns with liquid delivery.