February 3, 2016

PSA Nitrogen Generator

With a FEDA PSA Generator, you can produce your nitrogen onsite in a reliable, and compact process at a lower cost compared to nitrogen delivery. You can generate your required amount with desired purity on demand. Since you don’t produce purities higher than needed, PSA generators are less energy intensive than cryogenic (delivery).  Also, they eliminate the transportation cost/troubles or dealing with gas delivery contracts.

Our PSA Nitrogen generators can be used in various industries such as Oil & Gas, Plastics, Power Generation, Metal, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, and Electronics, onshore & offshore.

Examples of Feda’s PSA Nitrogen Generators*

Two Bed PSA Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen Flow (Nm3/hr): 10-1000

Nitrogen Purity (Nm3/hr): 99.5-99.99%

Four Bed PSA Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen Flow (Nm3/hr): 400-3000

Nitrogen Purity (Nm3/hr): 99.5-99.99%

Six Bed PSA Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen Flow (Nm3/hr): 1500-4000

Nitrogen Purity (Nm3/hr): 99.0-99.99%

Marine Anti-Explosion Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen Flow (Nm3/hr): 100-500

Nitrogen Purity (Nm3/hr): 95.0-97.0%

Small Mobile Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen Flow (Nm3/hr): 1-6

Nitrogen Purity (Nm3/hr): 99.5%

Vehicle-Loaded Mobile Nitrogen Generatormembrane nitrogen generator

Nitrogen Flow (Nm3/hr): 100-800

Nitrogen Purity (Nm3/hr): 95.0%

Vehicle-Loaded Mining Mobile Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen Flow (Nm3/hr): 100-1200

Nitrogen Purity (Nm3/hr): 97.0%

Our PSA units can produce purities up to 99.999%, and flows up to 16000 (Nm3/hr). Please contact us for more information.