Maintenance & Services

We are here to help with your Nitrogen and Oxygen generator maintenance

  • We service:
  • PSA’s and Membrane Nitrogen generators
  • PSA’s and VPSA’s Oxygen generators
  • All brands and applications
  • We provide a complete replacement of carbon molecular sieves (CMS) or membrane modules for your generator
  • Complete system installation services
  • Annual Preventative Maintenance kits
  • With or without maintenance contracts
  • Technical support of existing and new generators
  • Spare Parts and replacement service available upon request

Call us at 1-866-585-9333 to schedule your service appointment

Feda Nitrogen Inc’s excellent reputation was obtained mainly due to the reliability, high quality and superior after sales services. Since 1992 we have developed and are still developing business relationships with more than 2000 clients worldwide. We are looking forward to working with you in the near future.



Our Advantages

  • Brand
  • Cooperation
  • Excellent Design
  • Manufacturing Superiority
  • Excellent Service


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Our Promise

  • Quality Guarantee For 12 months
  • On-time Delivery (High Quality,Correct Quantity)
  • Lifelong Supply of Equipment
  • Manufacturing Superiority
  • Offer Urgent Devices for Customers
  • Less than 24 hours Maintenance
  • Offer 24 Hours Technology Support