Membrane Nitrogen Generator

membrane nitrogen generatorMembrane nitrogen generator is a kind technology which uses air as material and makes use of the different nature of oxygen and nitrogen that have a different permeation rate to separate oxygen and nitrogen. Compared with other nitrogen generators it has the following advantages: simple structure, small volume, no switch valve, less maintenance, quickly produce (≤3min),
convenient capacity-increasing.  The membrane nitrogen generator is suitable for nitrogen users who need nitrogen purity≤98%,which has high quality and a reasonable price.  But when the nitrogen purity ≥98%, it’s cost will more than 15% to same specification PSA nitrogen generator.



1) Nitrogen capacity:
2 Nitrogen purity: 95-99.9995%
3) Pressure: 0.1-1.0Mpa
4)Dew point: ≥40℃