Coal Industry

PSA Nitrogen Generator

psa generatorPSA nitrogen generator is a kind of technology that uses CMS as adsorbent by the principle of pressure swing adsorption, which is a method of separating oxygen and nitrogen under the preferential adsorption of CMS. This technology is a new technology that developed rapidly in the 70s. Compared with traditional nitrogen making, PSA nitrogen generator has the following advantages, simple process, high degree automation, quickly produce(15-30min), low energy consumption, convenient operation and maintenance, low cost, good adaptability device and adjustable purity. It has highly competitive under 3000Nm3/hr nitrogen generator,and welcomed by small and medium nitrogen users. PSA nitrogen generator has become the first choice for small and medium nitrogen users.


1) Nitrogen capacity:1-3000Nm3/hr
2)Nitrogen purity: 95-99.9995%
4)Dew point:≥40℃

Membrane Nitrogen Generator

coal-membraneMembrane nitrogen generator is a kind technology which uses air as material and make use of the different nature of oxygen and nitrogen that has different permeation rate to separate oxygen and nitrogen. Compared with other nitrogen generator that has following advantages: simple structure, small volume, no switch valve, less maintenance, quickly produce (≤3min), convenient capacity-increasing. Membrane nitrogen generator suitable for nitrogen users which needs nitrogen purity≤98%,which has high quality and reasonable price. But when the nitrogen purity ≥98%, it’s cost will more than 15% to same specification PSA nitrogen generator.


1) Nitrogen capacity: 1-3000Nm3/hr
2 Nitrogen purity: 95-99.9995%
3) Pressure: 0.1-1.0Mpa
4)Dew point: ≥40℃